Release the Kraken!

A centralized remote sensor/surveillance system for combat outposts (largely as a result of the battle of COP Keating) has been test deployed to Afghanistan. And it’s name is The Kraken.

The Combat Outpost Surveillance and Force Protection System, nicknamed “Kraken” after the mythological sea monster because of its many tentacle-like technological extensions, is the latest. Combining tower-mounted cameras, radar, sonic shot-detection and remote-controlled guns and deployable in a single shipping container, the first operational Kraken was recently installed at Forward Operation Base Pashmul South in Zari district, near Kandahar in southern Afghanistan.

Technology and surveillance equipment is good, but it is never a replacement for an alert, well trained guard force. Never, ever place your unit’s security at the mercy of technology. But then again, don’t shun a tool that can help.