SJWs defined.

To leave behind defense and technology and history for a moment, let’s address one of the more annoying groups of people in current society- the Social Justice Warriors, as they proudly proclaims themselves.

My first thought has long been that if you have to modify “Justice” with an adjective, it’s not justice.

Second, while we’re not especially fans of Science Fiction/Fantasy writing, many of you, dear readers, are. And there has been a distressing trend in that genre for so called SJWs to work to exclude any and all they perceive to be outside the acceptable bounds of “proper” thinking from being nominated or receiving awards, being allowed leadership positions in industry groups, or sometimes even membership, and even efforts to exclude them from merely publishing their own works.

The irony here, of course, is that SF/F is usually seen as a means of using an alternate universe or reality to highlight the human condition. Stripped of the norms of our own society, we can better see the commonalities, and variances of humanity by seeing it in a new light.

But some authors, wishing merely to write an interesting story, are vilified for not including enough characters who are gay, trans, of color, sufficiently socialist, what have you. Not that the author is explicitly denigrated these categories, but that they have failed to sufficiently celebrate and promote them, regardless of whether such advances the author’s story, or help explore the themes the author is focused on.

Charlie Martin, writing over at Sarah Hoyt’s place, nails the identity of these repulsive little SJWs and their power fetish:

They’re clearly the sort of penny-ante fascists who congregate in the elective posts in community theatre, school boards, and homeowners’ associations, who like being able to lord it over a bunch of other people but don’t have the balls to actually run for something important.

If you are a SF/F fan, read his whole piece.