Admiral Sandy Woodward, hero of the Falklands, dies at 81

The Admiral that lead the Royal Navy on one of the most significant post-WWII naval battles has passed at 81.


Admiral Woodward commanded the naval force sent by Margaret Thatcher to the islands after they were invaded by Argentina in 1982.

Later he was an outspoken opponent of Government cuts to the Navy and warned Britain no longer had a large enough fleet to launch a similar operation.

His daughter said he died after a long illness.

You may have noticed that I’ve written about the Falklands before.

As Admiral Woodward noted before his passing, today’s Royal Navy simply no longer has the ability to launch such a large sortie. Likely, even with the introduction of the Queen Elizabeth class carriers in a decade or so, the RN never will again be of sufficient size to display a mastery of the seas. Such a sad fate of what was once the greatest navy the world had ever seen.

A navy that has a history with some of the great captains and admirals likely had its last huzzah with Admiral Sir John “Sandy” Woodward.