My thoughts on the war on women

It’s a slow Saturday.

I saw this over at The Jawa Report. Josh Mandel is running for the Senate seat in Ohio, trying to unseat Democrat Sherrod Brown.


He gets it. Women have a lot more to fear from the enforcement of sharia laws than any boogeyman the DNC invents.

The Republican Party? Yeah, just look at Nikki Haley, Jan Brewer, Susana Martinez, Mary Fallin, Kelly Ayotte, Condoleezza Rice (beats the heck out of Susan Rice), Cathy McMorris Rodgers, Mia Love, etc. Wonder how far they would have gotten if they hadn’t been shackled by the Republicans. (/sarc)

Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act? Equal pay for equal work was already the law of the land, it just changed the statute of limitations and made a lovely gift to the lawyers.

Birth control? If you’re broke, get it from Medicaid. If you’re not broke, buy your own. No one is talking about making it illegal. Also, if you believed the Onion-like story about Romney banning tampons, I will pay for you to move to another country where your stupidity can’t hurt me.

Code Pink? To quote from Taxes, Stupidity, and Death

Code Pink represented the Dadaist movement by dressing as giant vaginas because they don’t think women are taken seriously by Republicans or something. I know nothing makes me take someone seriously until they dress like a sex organ that they don’t want to be defined by, and then march around in public, screaming about a “War on Women”.

Hey Democrats, if Cindy Sheehan had Absolute Moral Authority, how come you are ignoring Pat Smith, mother of Sean Smith?

Binders? Why is looking for qualified women to fill cabinet positions a bad thing? My emphasis on qualified – I’m sick and tired of fighting the impression that I was hired to meet a quota. (Read CDR Sal for all the havoc the do-gooders have caused in the name of diversity.)

I’ll take the Republican “war on women” any day over having to wear a hijab or a burkha, not being able to go out in public by myself, not being able to drive my own car, and honor killings.


UPDATE: I finished this, went back to Facebook to catch up, and saw from Seal of Honor: “Appreciate everything you have. Someone, somewhere, is fighting for you to have it.” Indeed, and thank you.