I’m shocked, shocked that there are voting shennanigans here…

[polldaddy poll=999817]Ace has the flaming skull up. Ohio Secretary of State and uberpartisan has withheld over 200,000 voter registrations from local election boards that don’t match verification databases. Local boards, not knowing which registrations might be bogus, would have to treat all of themĀ  as valid. Now that the court has ordered her to turn this information over, local boards can screen them to see which are valid and which are fraudulent.

So, when the Democrats whine about voting irregularities, ask them why they are the party that’s trying to cook the books.

[polldaddy poll=999817]

What a deal.

Acorn and Obama


Update: The original video has been pulled for copyright. Enjoy this one instead.

I don’t want to make this a political blog. No matter where on the political spectrum you lie, you are welcome here and I am eager to engage you in a discussion about what the Army is and why you should care.

Having said that, I am a partisan. I do indeed feel that the media has failed to vet Sen. Obama, and is in the tank for him. I hope you will consider the information in this video, and pass it along to your friends.

Sheer Thuggery

Believe it or not, I’m not a “gun nut.” I’m not a shill for the NRA (nor am I a member). I like guns, I enjoy shooting, but it isn’t a big part of my life anymore. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t have strong feelings for the Second Amendment. In fact, I also have strong feelings for the First Amendment. So I find it ironic that after years of listening to folks on the other side of the political spectrum screaming about fascism and jack-booted thugs infringing their civil rights, the most concrete examples I can find are being perpetuated by the Democratic candidate for President.

The NRA has produced a series of four ads addressing Senator Obama’s record on the Second Amendment. Now, if the good Senator doesn’t agree, he’s free to rebut them in any forum he likes. Or just ignore them. Or move the conversation to another topic. But sending an army of lawyers to silence the ads by intimidating TV stations is hardly what I would call robust support for the First Amendment, the bedrock of our civil liberties. Is this the Change we have been waiting for?

And if that isn’t enough, now prosecutors and sherriffs in Missouri who support Obama are threatening to bring criminal libel charges against those who might criticize the junior Senator from Illinois. Is using the awesome power of the state to silence critics what the Founding Fathers had in mind when they drafted the Constitution and the Bill of Rights?

All I can say is that if this is the new politics that Obama will bring to America, where is he importing them from? Venezuala or Russia?

H/T: Insty, with thanks to Patterico and Gateway Pundit


One of the funnier videos to come out of the presidential election.


I stole this from Ace, but can’t find the link.

Update: Video was swapped out to give proper credit to Dave in Texas, who looks like the kind of guy the neighbors always say “He didn’t look like the kind of guy who would go on a shooting spree…”

I’m Back. For now.

As I mentioned before, the press of familial duties has kept me away from this little home away from home. My apologies. But for the time being, I’m back. And of course, the first thing I did was hit all the blogs on my blogroll, where I found this little gem.

Two Delaware residents are giving new meaning to the term “pushing” Obama, according to criminal drug charges filed Thursday.

Fifty-two bags of heroin in bags stamped both with letters spelling out OBAMA and an image in the likeness of Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Barack Obama were confiscated following a routine car stop on Interstate 95 in Upper Chichester, according to Pennsylvania State Police.

Of course, you need to read the whole thing. H/T, the ExUrban League.

Now, I know, and you know, Obama isn’t a pusher. But there’s a term called “target market” and somehow I just can’t see that there’s a big Republican market for this.