Load Heat

Once again, we dip into the well that is Joss Whedon’s talent pool. It’s narrow, but deep. Amy Acker played for several seasons on Angel. She was pretty much a geek on the show. She also had a role on Alias. And she’s again on a Whedon show, this time Dollhouse, where she plays a nerd, one with scars. Now, she was always cute and all that. But we never thought she would be up to our high standards here. Imagine my surprise when we did go looking for a photo of her (for unrelated purposes). We should have known. She’s a Texan. Well, anybody that good looking gets her own week here…

Load HEAT!

I had a couple of requests for Megan Fox, and while I would have liked to honor them, I couldn’t find many pictures that I liked (except those that have been done to death), so I exercised my perogative to post what I like. And I like Nicole Kidman. Congratulations to the new mom.

One more, just because.

The Heat Hottie

Apparently, there’s a rule that every blog that in any way touches on the military has to have a favorite hot chick.  Since I’m screwing this goat, and ya’ll are just holding the horns, I get to pick. Suggestions, on the other hand, are welcome. In the meantime, who doesn’t like a woman that wears skin tight outfits and runs around with guns? I present to you, Ms. Kate.

She’s not all dark and tough, though. She does show her soft side as well.