On being property of the US Government

Over at Patterico’s, in a thread about the death penalty for child rapists, commenter “psyberian” claimed that service members are the government’s property. ABSOLUTELY NOT! They are members of the service, not property. They willingly agree to place themselves under the jurisdiction of the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ). It’s right there in the Oath of Enlistment. They surrender no constitutional rights. The UCMJ provides the same protections for a persons constitutional rights as any other court.
If you think this change of jurisdiction is odd, consider this. You willingly place yourself under a different jurisdiction every time you cross a state line.

The Heller Decision

No right that is granted is a right. It is merely a privilege we have until such time as the government decides to take it away. Our rights are inalienable, endowed to us by our Creator.

That the decision in Heller was 5-4 is stunning. Indeed, any but a unanimous ruling says that the Supreme Court has strayed ever so far from the Constitution. We see (in both the decision and the dissent) many cites of previous cases. Why? One would think the only documents having bearing on this would be the Constitution and the Federalist papers.

But what do I know. I bow to the enlightened editors of the Chicago Tribune, who tell me the Second Amendment should be repealed.


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