Friday Catblogging

The little stinker was trying to hide. Which of course, makes me wonder what he’s been up to. Probably clawing the furniture. The only piece of furniture he’s not supposed to climb on is the red couch, which is of course, covered in cat hair. The scratching posts? The two scratch pads you see (liberally spiked with catnip)? Nada.

If you have a cat that you think should be a guest model, by all means, send me a pic.

Friday Catblogging

The only real problem with catblogging my cat is that he is a boring cat. He just sits there.

He really likes to sit in my bedroom window and watch the world go by.

That’s about all I see of him during the day. The view from the outside is a little more interesting.

Not much more interesting, but a little.