Air Force Anti-Alcohol Campaign moves into high gear.

Young people drinking exercise poor judgment. Virtually everyone in the service knows someone who did something stupid, got in trouble, and embarrassed themselves, their unit, and their service. And so, it’s not surprising the services have taken measures to discourage drinking.

The Air Force might be getting a bit carried away though.


The Community Organizer on the Roof (via The H2: Finding Your Dad’s Stash of Playboys since March 2009)

In which I rather blantantly rip off a guest post at the Hostages.

The Community Organizer on the Roof The eerie discovery described here and this post itself originated with my good friend "J. B. O’Rourke".  He occasionally lurks here so he is familiar with you idiots. I'm sure I asked him if he was drunk when he came up with this and I think he said yes. Oddly enough I was drunk when I asked him.  The rest of this post are the words of Mr. O'Rourke. * On March 3rd, 2009 our new President decided to become an investment advisor: “On the other han … Read More

via The H2: Finding Your Dad's Stash of Playboys since March 2009