ISIS Claims Responsibility for Russian Airliner in Sinai

The Russians have yet to respond to any such terrorist claims, but it’s safe to say that ISIS has President Putin’s full attention.

It’s unclear if militants allied with the Islamic State actually brought down the airliner. The video could be propaganda, but the terrorists do have surface-to-air missiles capable of bringing an airliner down.

The above is from IJN.  If this claim and the accompanying video are authentic, things could get very interesting.  Especially if it was a US-made MANPADS.  Putin and Russia are not constrained by the same self-loathing apology complex we are.  They certainly recognize ISIS for the threat that it is, and the United States as a paper tiger without the will (and soon, without the means) to be a major player in the Middle East.  The downing of an airliner with 224 people on board will not frighten the Russians, but will instead be an impetus for the autocratic Putin to ramp up the military response, all the while reinforcing Russia’s status once again as a world power.

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Tyler does have a good question about the multiple aimpoints toward the end. I suspect they’re GPS tags from the laser rangefinder. See, the laser on a sensor ball, is tied into the aircraft’s onboard GPS system. Knowing the aircraft’s position, and using the depression angle, azimuth, and range means it is a simple mathematical problem to derive the precise geographical position of a target, which can then be uploaded to the GPS guided weapons on board (or for that matter, shared via datalink to just about anybody else).