Well, here’s a name that’s been in the news lately. We are actually fairly abivalent about the topic of gay marriage. We voted against it via Prop 8 last year, not so much because we oppose gay marriage, but because we think the courts and the state assembly should pay attention to the clear message of the majority of citizens of the state. It’s a damn shame when a beauty pageant contestant, voicing the same opinion of the subject as the President of the United States, is subjected to a level of vitriol and damnation that the left can’t seem to find for criminals and terrorists.

Anyway, on to the pictures…


We’re a fan of the classics- those literary works that elevate and illuminate the human condition. Like “Married with Children.”

Seriously, who among us didn’t have a massive crush on Kelly Bundy? Christina Applegate probably caused more boys to hyperventilate than just about any other TV star of the late 80s. And she’s been pretty successful since then, with her ABC comedy “Samantha  Who?”

She’s also a cancer survivor. We tend to have a great deal of admiration for cancer survivors, and it sure doesn’t hurt that they can deal with that disease and still be drop dead gorgeous.

A little video perhaps? OK, but just to keep it surreal, it’s dubbed in German…


Load HEAT, special guest edition

Our buddy Forged Rite, the semi-official overnight DJ at The Hostages, asked when I was going to get around to putting his favorite girl up on Load HEAT.  And of course, I told him, just as soon as you send me the pictures…

Amy Lee is popularly known as the lead singer of the rock band Evanescence. And I know for a fact, we’ve got one or two regular readers who love the Goth look. Me?  Sure, I like it. I like ALL women.

And if they can sing? So much the better!



What can we say, we get most of our ispirations for Load HEAT from our taste in television. I can’t always say what it is about a woman that is attractive. I just know that I look at one, and say “Yep, she’s got it.”

This week’s installment is very much that kind of girl. The star of USA Networks In Plain Sight, Mary McCormack is hot. Don’t ask why. Just accept it. I do know that I like the fact that the star of a TV series doesn’t have to be so skinny as to appear malnourished to be sexy.

Stupid is as stupid does

Boredom, even in a combat zone, is a real problem in the service. In fact, especially in a combat zone. And while the Army and the rest of our services are highly trained and very competent, they are still mostly a collection of young men and women, who, not surprisingly, act like young men and women. I’m a little hesitant about posting this video, because some of the accidents are real, and people really were hurt, but the bad comes with the good. Not all the incidents are our troops. There’s a few from our allies, and even some showing our adversaries.


Angie Harmon is NOT a racist…

Angie has been in the news a bit lately because of this little statement.  We fully agree with her, and support her right to disagree politically with others without being mau-maued and tarred with the false charge of racism.

But, mostly, we just wanted to post some pics of her…

And of course, our all time favorite pic of the tall, tan Texan:


We actually had a hard time deciding who to showcase this week. So, when in doubt, go see who’s working for Joss Whedon. Say what you will about his shows, he finds some mighty attractive women to work for him.

This week, we welcome Dichen Lachman, from Fox’s Dollhouse. She plays Sierra, one of the “dolls” on the sci-fi show. Before this, she had successful run on the Aussie soap Neighbors. Well, we sure wouldn’t mind being her neighbor. Need a cup of sugar, honey?

What’s an Australian soap opera look like? Glad you asked: