A bad day at the range…

Vmaximus was asking about the relative power of various weapons. I don’t have any good shots to show on 25mm, but I can show you what 20mm does to an SUV.

Turns out that an Air Force pilot lost the bubble for just a moment. Thankfully, the two folks inside escaped with only minor injuries. See the full story.

Well knock me over with a feather…

An article from “some news organization” says there’s a poll of independents believe McCain would do better on Iraq than Obama. Boy, didn’t see that one coming.

Yes, I know a majority of our citizens don’t support the war, and think it was a bad idea. That doesn’t mean a majority want to lose.

Despite McCain’s best efforts to alienate voters (especially his base), he just might win this thing.


I mentioned the M-114 a while back. Someone found this by search engine and it got me to thinking. M-114s were not a very sucessful design, but I always liked them. Mind you, the only ones I saw were either targets on the range, or in the hands of private restorers.

The M-114 was a little sister to the M-113 Armored Personnel Carrier. They shared a lot of the same technology, but were much smaller. They were intended as a small, easy to hide vehicle for Cavalry Scouts. Unfortunately, they seemed to have quite a few maintenance issues. There were few things they could do that an M-113 couldn’t, and the extra space in the M-113 gave it more flexibility. You could fit three people in an M-114, but it was pretty cozy. Squeezing eleven people in an M-113 was no big deal. Indeed, the M-113 and its variants are still in widespread use in our Army and many others.

In addition to equipping Cavalry units, many infantry companies equipped with the M-113 had an M-114 for the Company Commander. Eventually, this gave way to an M-113 for the CO. I mentioned the M-39 20mm cannon. Here’s a guy with his very own.

The Heat Hottie

Apparently, there’s a rule that every blog that in any way touches on the military has to have a favorite hot chick.  Since I’m screwing this goat, and ya’ll are just holding the horns, I get to pick. Suggestions, on the other hand, are welcome. In the meantime, who doesn’t like a woman that wears skin tight outfits and runs around with guns? I present to you, Ms. Kate.

She’s not all dark and tough, though. She does show her soft side as well.