Essay: An Acquisition System to Enable American Seapower – USNI News

In order for a coherent vision of modern American seapower to move forward in providing the lion’s share of this nation’s peacetime presence, shaping, deterrence and assurance needs, the Department of the Navy must become more efficient in its acquisition processes. It must be more nimble, more flexible, more accountable and faster.

Because it is currently not these things, the true value of American seapower is muddled and somewhat drowned out by the noise associated with the expense and waste of maintaining it. We believe that for a new vision of American seapower to deliver on the promise of efficiently and effectively delivering security and prosperity to the nation, radical changes to the acquisition system are required. While these changes could or even should apply across the Department of Defense, our concern here lies mainly with the Department of the Navy.

Source: Essay: An Acquisition System to Enable American Seapower – USNI News

A great look at some much needed reform. I’d personally burn DoD5000 to the ground, but that’s not happening any time soon.

Some programs really are complex, and should be supported by a very complex acquisition program.

Others are something of a no brainer. For instance, if the Army decides it wants a new pistol, it should take PEO Soldiers around a month to hold a shoot off and recommend a winner.