2 thoughts on “The myth vs. legend of the Air Force’s purple water fountain”

  1. When I was stationed in the Pentagon in the early 90s, I used this water fountain as a navigational aid for a couple of the few trips I had to make to that part of the basement. What many may not know is that there are a couple of offices that you go to in the basement, and then suddenly walk into a light-filled room–on the river and mall sides, the land is uneven and some basement sections have windows. I worked on the C ring and of course had no windows at all. One of the other things to worry about in the basement is the presence of BFRs–Big F**king Rats. There is actually another basement below the basement, and that is for the zillion utility lines that support the place. I think that’s where the rats come from. Of course, not all the rats have fur, four legs, and a scaly tail. Some look remarkably human.

  2. Thinking of the Pentagon reminds me just how open and free this country used to be. When I was in high school the building was open to the public and I toured the Pentagon on my own. Dressed in sneakers, shorts, and a t shirt I would wander the halls. I never saw the Purple Fountain, but I got to see most everything else. I think I may have been stopped once, but after telling the guard I was going to my mother’s office I was allowed to continue my wandering.

    The library was fantastic. After wallowing in the stacks for a while I would wander up into my mother’s office at DARPA and tell her which books I wanted her to check out for me. .

    Many bus routes had stops underneath the building. Very convenient for those who worked in the building.

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