Korean girls eat American BBQ for the first time.


[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gWKOUxF-Dso?feature=player_embedded]

I want pork ribs now.

6 thoughts on “Korean girls eat American BBQ for the first time.”

  1. Back in ’91 when I was still in Engineering School, there was a Japanese student in the Intervarsity fellowship that hung out with my social circle. I was drinking Root Beer and she asked what I was drinking. She said she had never had any. So, we bundled her off to the day room at my dorm and went up to my reefer and brought down an unopened bottle of A&W and poured her a small bit.

    Her reaction? Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!

    We all got a good laugh at it, including her.

    I met her parents later. Good Christian folk. Had I not been married already, I’d have been interested in her.

  2. Darn, gotta fire up the pit now. Hey ladies, hot tip it’s better while drinking ice cold beer. I’m thinking the mirror taste test with USA citizens tasting kimchee wouldn’t turn out the same. Me I like the heck out of kimchee.

    1. Beef Bulgogi (spelling?) was pretty good. Lots of good garlicy dishes. I wouldn’t trust any of their fish to feed to my cat though.

  3. There is a Korean version of BBQ ribs called Galbi (or Kalbi) that is pretty good, in my opinion. Has more of a marinated soy sauce kind of taste, but I like that kind of flavor.

    I wonder what the Korean ladies would have thought of the vinegar-based BBQ they eat down here in NC. Similar to the pulled pork they ate but even higher on the sour scale….

    1. One of the other Engineers I work with is from down east. He likes the vinegary stuff. I despise it and it isn’t popular here in the mountains of WNC. Hickory is the most common stuff I see around Waynesville and Asheville.

      The area around Kansas City has its own BBQ culture. We went to Famous Dave’s when we visited him for Christmas. We’ve also been to Gates and another whose name I can’t recall. All pretty good, but I still prefer what we get here in the mountains.

      Famous Dave’s has a sauce they call “Devil Spit.” It was pretty disappointing.

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