Winter Training

So the Dutch, the Estonians, and the Americans got together to play in the snow for a bit.  Kinda makes me miss the good old days running around Hohenfels.


6 thoughts on “Winter Training”

  1. Luckily there is almost no snow left on the ground here at Hohenfels, right now. Might all change in the next 30 minutes, though…. As we are about to start a new rotation, with 2/2 CAV, we are all hoping for a warming trend to bring on the mud.

    Hohenfels, where your choices are: mud with rain, snow and fog, or sometimes all is replaced for sunlight and high volumes of dust.

    1. You are HOPING for mud?? Madness. Of course, maybe Hohenfels mud is warmer and drier and easier to navigate than Baumholder mud.

    2. Sarcasm on the mud hope. Actually want it cold enough for the ground to freeze but then remain clear skies. This AM, slushy rain turning to snow tonight with forecasts of Temps dropping to 7 Fahrenheit in the next couple of days… currently at clothing sales to buy rank for all the new OCP snivel gear that I got issued.

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