The GAU-12

Everybody knows and loves the GAU-8 30mm cannon mounted on the mighty A-10 Warthog. Fewer folks are aware of it’s little cousin, the GAU-12 25mm rotary cannon.  Primarily used by the Marine Corps AV-8B fleet, its five barrels give it a rate of fire of 3600 rounds per minute, with a maximum rate possible of 4200 rpm. The ammo pod only carries 300 rounds, so y0u only get a short burst. The GAU-12 is also part of the armament of the mighty AC-130U Spooky gunship, though its rate of fire in the application is only 1800 rpm.


The Marines also fielded an air defense varia[youtube]nt of their Light Armored Vehicle (LAV) fleet, the LAV-AD that mounted a GAU-12, but withdrew it from service as the recoil from the gun was pretty much shaking the vehicles to pieces.

An updated, four barreled verison, the GAU-22A, will serve as the gun armament for the F-35 Lightning II. The Air Force F-35A’s mount the gun internally, while the Marine Corps F-35B and Navy F-35C will have an option to carry a podded version.

While the video focuses on the armor piercing incendiary round, in reality, most of the time, the gun uses a High Explosive Incendiary round, and in spite of impressive accuracy, is used for suppressive fire as an area weapon.