SecNav Mabus is just trolling us now…

A line I stole from Bryan McGrath on twitter.

Seriously, the Navy is suffering from critically low numbers of ships, and manning issues, and his top priority is to get the Navy and Marine Corps to gender-neutral all the job titles?

Women have been serving in the Navy for decades, and somehow, managed to serve well in paygrade E-3 with the title Seaman.

I’m so sick of this administration that has such a fundamentally unserious approach to every national defense issue.

9 thoughts on “SecNav Mabus is just trolling us now…”

  1. Maybe….just maybe…we can wait this out until President Cruz or whoever the hell ends up with this mess can fix it. We are so screwed.

  2. One more – this SOB is just in the job until the next administration. What frickin’ right does he have to screw with 200 years of tradition. And I was NEVER a squid but traditions matter.

  3. The Commandant needs to go visit the SecNav and beat the SecNav’s head against the desk until Mabus sees the sweet light of reason.
    Of course, the Commandant would first have to remove SecNav’s head from his own ass first

    1. I think removing the term “Rifleman” from the Marine Corps is grounds for capital punishment, sans trial. Lets hope the Navy and Marine Corps slow-roll this insanity until it goes away.

  4. If the Navy now provides medics to the Marines, at least we will no longer have corpse-men….

    1. The mulatto jackanapes can’t pronounce the word “corpse” – Mabus should just call them “paralegals” – we know he can pronounce that, but I’m not too sure that he know what the term means – along with breathalyzer, duty, honor, country, integrity, telling the truth……

  5. My sea daddy once told me: “Son, you don’t have to worry about the submarine force as long as torpedomen ride the boats.” We all know how that went.

  6. I cannot add anything to the respondents missives as they are so how I believe and feel about this subject down the line.

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