Pentagon may upgrade hundreds of troops to possible Medals of Honor

WASHINGTON — The Pentagon is poised to order the military services to review more than 1,000 medals issued since the 9/11 terror attacks for possible upgrade to the Medal of Honor, the country’s highest award issued for valor in combat, according to documents obtained by USA TODAY.If approved by Defense Secretary Ash Carter, the sweeping review would represent one of the most significant steps in decades to honor troops who have displayed extraordinary courage in combat. The review stems from a study of military decorations and awards that was ordered in March 2014 by then Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel “to ensure that after 13 years of combat the awards system appropriately recognizes the service, sacrifices and action of our service members.”Should even a fraction of the medals under review be upgraded, it’s possible that dozens more troops would receive the Medal of Honor for their bravery in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Source: Pentagon may upgrade hundreds of troops to possible Medals of Honor

I don’t think there’s “hundreds” of Medals of Honor out there that were wrongly denied. But I do think there are probably a couple cases where awards were wrongly downgraded. And the Navy/Marine Corps assertion that a review would undermine confidence is the system is silly. Trust me, no one has any confidence in the system as it exists today.

Yes, the Army and the Air Force tend to be more liberal with awards than the sea services. That’s primarily at the Achievement and Commendation medal level.

Like John Donovan, I was deeply concerned that the first years of the war saw a reluctance to award the Medal of Honor to anyone living. A review is well founded.

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  1. Under this administration only non-white, non-heterosexual, or non-Chistians will actually be considered, ‘cuz they are, like, oppressed and discriminated against don’t cha know. Actual facts will have nothing to do with it. Sorry.

    Wafa Wafa, Wasara Wasara.

    1. That’s the most factually ignorant and incorrect statement I’ve seen written in a long time. On the attached list only one man listed could be considered “non-white”. Not all of them were nominated for the Medal of Honor during the current administration, but at least some of them were nominated for and/or subsequently awarded the Medal of Honor, post 2010. I don’t know about their sexual orientation nor about their religious beliefs. Mainly because IT DOESN’T FREAKING MATTER! And I don’t really care. And there is the case of Sergeant Rafael Peralta, USMC. He is a non-white Hispanic born in Mexico City, Mexico. He subsequently became a U.S. citizen. If the process was rigged in the way you suggest, then Sgt. Peralta would have been awarded the Medal of Honor instead of the Navy Cross.

  2. T. Thralls. I sincerely hope you are right and I am wrong, however this administration has a track record. The Armed Forces are just a box of toys to be used for Social Justice Virtue Signalling. Never forget Bowe Bergdahl is a “hero”, “captured on the field of battle”.. Indeed.

  3. This is what the Legion put out:
    They linked in a picture of a black guy. Personally I don’t see it. Just like the MC they’re all green to me.
    You have to think that the administration is out to change everything and generally destroy whatever traditions remain. They are very skillful in dividing the population and race is one of the principal tools they use.
    Don’t fall for their tricks and don’t believe any of the bilge in the MSM.
    They can only take our country from us if we let them. The day will come when they all will be held accountable and they will pay for their destruction (hopefully many times over). We need to hold on to our country until that day dawns.

  4. I’ve always thought that Brian Chontosh’s Navy Cross citation reads more like an MOH:

    Unfortunately, that took place when DOD was essentially refusing to award the MOH to living recipients. Maybe now he will get his due.

    I’d like to see Alwyn Cashe’s award upgraded to the MOH, as well.

  5. “Establishing a standard definition for meritorious service that limits combat awards to those exposed to hostile action or at “significant risk” of exposure.”

    “significant risk” of “exposure to hostile action”?!? WTF? I guess the Army Service Ribbon, National Defense Service Medal, etc. aren’t enough. I guess we have to catch up to Idi and Muammar.

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