Iraqi Forces retake Ramadi

The Iraqi city of Ramadi, the capitol of Al Anbar province, was taken by ISIS fighters in May of this year. This past week, Iraqi Security Forces (ISF) finally managed to retake the city.

The city lies along the Euphrates river, and astride the principal route to the western reaches of Iraq and the Syrian border.

Heavily supported by US and coalition airpower, ISF encircled Ramadi last month, and finally launched their assault into the city center in the last few days.

Of course, airstrikes mean there were Joint Terminal Attack Controllers on hand, and not of the Iraqi sort. reports that among other troops, Australian and New Zealand operators embedded with Iraq forces to provide JTAC services, as well as training ISF troops.

As the Iraqi security forces claimed a crucial victory in their fight for redemption after shameful losses in the war against ISIS, they have finally managed to retake the city of Ramadi. They have seized latest stronghold in the city, a central government compound. The fight for the city is far from over because the fleeing militants have set many booby-traps around the city. And it would last for days to clear and sweep all the town.

Obviously, Iraqi Security Forces, have certain issues and their efforts to make redemption for the ones who abandoned the city to ISIS and fled, couldn’t be so successful without the help of foreign forces. The involvement of Australian military and its special forces led to the crucial victory for Iraqi security forces and their country.

This is the first significant victory of ISF troops over ISIS. And success tends to build momentum. Interestingly, the Iraqi government has been quite adamant that while they need US airpower, they don’t really want additional US ground troops.  One suspects that is a realpolitic stance that Iraq realizes that sooner or later, they have to win the fight themselves in order to ever have a chance of legitimately governing the region.

Dan Lamothe at the Washington Post has a series of pictures from the fighting in Ramadi.

3 thoughts on “Iraqi Forces retake Ramadi”

  1. I think you got the wrong country in that last sentence. Try “Iran realizes that sooner or later…” and see if it isn’t more believable.

    1. It applies to both, actually. Not that anyone in Anbar is terribly fond of Persians. In fact, they are loathed.

  2. Glad anbar is “free” for now.

    We shall see about the comments above ref Iran. I don’t believe that they have any intention of fighting and winning their own fight unless/until they can’t win by proxy. Concur, they are hated and despised throughout western (i.e. Sunni) Iraq.

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