Roamy roundup

NASA released its 2015 highlights video last week. Some good news – water on Mars, Pluto flyby, Orion heatshield work, Hubble’s 25th anniversary, SLS progress – but also some cringeworthy moments. NASA’s looking for new astronauts! Umm, @Astro_Clay astronaut Clayton Anderson asked the pertinent question, why doesn’t NASA try to retain the astronauts they’ve already trained? And what vehicle will these astronauts ride? Commercial Crew? We already have four selected for that. Orion? Not going to launch for at least two years, probably three.

The worst offense, though, was all the climate change crap. Mike van Biezen has written an excellent takedown of global warming. Beyond the bullying (97% consensus!) NASA has been “adjusting” the data.

For the first several years of my research I relied on the climate data banks of NASA and GISS, two of the most prestigious scientific bodies of our country. After years of painstaking gathering of data, and relentless graphing of that data, I discovered that I was not looking at the originally gathered data, but data that had been “adjusted” for what was deemed “scientific reasons.” Unadjusted data is simply not available from these data banks. Fortunately I was able to find the original weather station data from over 7000 weather stations from around the world in the KNMI database. (Royal Dutch Meteorological Institute). There I was able to review both the adjusted and unadjusted data as well as the breakout of the daytime and nighttime data. The results were astounding. I found that data from many stations around the world had been systematically “adjusted” to make it seem that global warming was happening when, in fact, for many places around the world the opposite was true. Following will be a few of the myriad of examples of this data adjustment. When I present my material during presentations at local colleges, these are the charts that have some of the greatest impact in affecting the opinion of the students, especially when they realize that there is a concerted effort to misrepresent what is actually happening.

For example:
data adjust

The highlights video came out too soon to include SpaceX’s successful cargo launch to the International Space Station followed by the first stage landing and recovery. Orbital Sciences also bounced back from their launch failure last year to successfully launch Cygnus to ISS, so I can breathe a little easier knowing we have commercial cargo flying again.

As I look at photos and data from Ceres, comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko at perihelion, and Enceladus, here’s hoping we stick to exploration in 2016.

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  1. Roamy,

    Nice update. Good to see NASA is still funding exploration. The Pluto data is amazing. And isn’t there another space telescope getting ready to launch?

    The AGW data manipulation should result in loss of grants, publications, tenure, and graduate students, depending on culpability. It’s fraud all the way down.
    The power of the media and non-scientists is shown by the pseudo- science not being thoroughly debunked by now. By comparison, the cold fusion debacle did a lot less damage.

    I met an astronaut out of astronaut Group 20.

    Jack David Fischer lived in Reston, VA when I was there. I knew his two daughter, who went to Sunrise Valley Elementary School, and his wife a bit better.

    He was a F-22 test pilot sent to a Pentagon tour when he was selected.

    I hope he finally gets to space. 2009-2016 is a long time to train up for anything.

  2. The James Webb Space Telescope is being readied, but I think it’s still years away from launch. There’s a lot of other launches planned for next year, including Osiris-Rex to sample an asteroid.

    Hope Fischer makes it to space, too.

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