President Ronald Reagan’s Christmas Message from 1981

Compare and contrast with today’s occupant of “the People’s House”.

This, given by a man who nine months before had been shot and seriously wounded by a would-be assassin.  Yet, his faith in America and her people, and in the blessings of God and liberty, remained so strong.   A man who had been wounded by a gunman, it might be noted, but who never called for disarmament of the law-abiding, or the infringement by the government against the People’s right to keep and bear arms as a last redress against the tyranny of that government.

Thirty-four years is a long time, it would seem.  I mourn the loss of that America, and the President who led it.


3 thoughts on “President Ronald Reagan’s Christmas Message from 1981”

  1. Hate to quibble, but he did sign that POS 1986 “Firearm Owners’ Protection Act.”

    And I say that as a guy who misses voting for him for President.

    1. Didn’t FOPA allow for interstate rifle and ammunition sales? That was a significant loosening of gun regulations from the GCA 1968.

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