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All over the world you can find abandoned army tanks that were left behind from wars of the past. These machines were once built for destruction, but now they look quite beautiful as they’ve become part of the scenery now that they’ve embraced by mother nature.

Source: Abandoned Army Tanks That Have Become A Part Of Nature | PIXIMUS.net

I’d say this also works as an Armored Vehicle Recognition Quiz, but there’s a couple I couldn’t quite get.

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  1. Interesting that in a few shots, like the second one you included, appear to be tanks that were simply abandoned as opposed to shot up. They look like Soviet designs. Somewhere in the former Yugoslavia, perhaps? I wish the article had included locations.

    1. Go on excercise, break down, call in recovery, its raining, they say they recovered to storage yard, no one cares enough to go looking for it.

  2. If you travel around the pacific islands there are tons of Japanese tanks, Marine LTVAs, Shermans and Stewarts in some of the oddest places above and below the warter.

  3. You won’t believe what #7 is doing!!!

    Pretty neat collection, though the tanker in me wanted to try to ID them all. Not happening.

    Here at Hohenfels there is still a pretty big collection of target hulks and I just discovered an old Soviet tank in the woods that is overgrown enough that I haven’t figured out what it is yet. (It is pretty beat up and I’m not going to clear brush back to look at road wheels…) Statistically it would likely be a T54/55 but from a distance it looks more like a T62. Guess I will have to get closer next time.

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