9 thoughts on “Load HEAT- Daisy Ridley”

  1. Loved the movie and she aced it. Got a lot of “girl next door” to her, even if the door is across the pond.

  2. “We remade the 1977 version but this time with a chick in the Luke role and a black guy in the Han Solo role. We will make a bundle and thus not be financially bankrupt even if we are creatively bankrupt…”

      1. Indeed I have. Same plot line. Same themes. Same characters with different actors.

        Heroic resistance to evil government… droid with vital information… evil magic guy in a scary mask… lonely desert dweller who discovers special powers… huge planet-killing death machine with one fatal weakness…


  3. … Or perhaps, Tarl, a re-interpretation on a different theme…

    There’s many different ways to interpret Shakespeare, and there’s equally many ways to interpret a musical score.

    That doesn’t mean it’s a mindless copy, unworthy of respect.

    Respectfully submitted. 🙂

    P.S. Just be glad Lucas isn’t in charge any more!

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