Hagel: The White House Tried to ‘Destroy’ Me | Foreign Policy

“Whether it was the right decision or not, history will determine that,” Hagel told Foreign Policy in a two-hour interview, his first extensive public comments since he was forced out of his position in February.

“There’s no question in my mind that it hurt the credibility of the president’s word when this occurred.”In the days and months afterward, Hagel’s counterparts around the world told him their confidence in Washington had been shaken over Obama’s sudden about-face. And the former defense secretary said he still hears complaints to this day from foreign leaders.

Source: Hagel: The White House Tried to ‘Destroy’ Me | Foreign Policy

Hagel was dumb to accept the nomination in the first place.  Of course Obama and his cabal in the NSC, particularly Susan Rice, would attempt to keep all decision making authority in the White House. And of course, the decisions would be based on what produced good optics for Obama, not what was in the best interests of the nation.

Seriously, everything this administration does is based on how it looks, not on anticipated outcomes.

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  1. Hagel was nominated to be a “Republican Goat”.
    It was always intended that they would take no input, nor advice, from him. He was meant to be a puppet of the Obama insiders, who whoud do what he was told, when he was told.
    He should never have taken the job…

  2. Hagel’s thoughts are totally congruent with those of his predecessors, Gates and Panetta. I read the FP article and it’s obvious that this “President” has no standing with any of our allies any more after refusing to kick ass after his “red line” was crossed in Syria. That obama kept Gates initially and later appointed (R) Hagel was purely for, as they say, “optics,” which is all this administration gives a damn about. I’ve not read Gates’ book, but have read excerpts, and he obviously wasn’t a happy camper either. Such is the case when experienced professionals must tolerate morons in Mickey Mouse bureaucracies with too many chiefs.

  3. Any military man (or ex-military) who would volunteer or willingly accept any kind of posting with this administration are, I hate to say it, entirely deserving of whatever crappy treatment they received. The warnings signs are very obvious and hard to miss, this White House has zero respect for anyone with military experience.

    It will be interesting to see if Carter talks about having a similar experience after he retires or if his enthusiastic social engineering campaigns have landed him in the good graces of his progressive masters. Honestly, who would want to be in charge of the DoD these days? Talk about setting yourself up for blame and punishment….

    1. Spot on. Who are these “military men” serving? I doubt any of them ever thought in terms of serving the Constitution despite having sworn to support and defend her.

  4. I’ve met the man, visited with him on a dozen or so occasions. He’s monumentally dumb. Forest Gump in reality, as opposed to the book and movie unicorn fart fantasy. Forget about the R affiliation, these clowns are stone cold progressives (as are increasing numbers of R’s) and like all progressives, think they have a special deal going where there principles are malleable and they deserve their much more equal status.

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