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On April 9, 2011, Captain Jaymes Collin Uriah “Yuri” Hines drank a beer with a friend at a brewery in Bruges, Belgium, and tried desperately to relax.Yuri was a Weapon Systems Officer on an F-15E, a backseater who dropped the bombs, and he was exhausted. Just back from a combat tour, he had been conducting airstrikes only two weeks before.

His brother Reese was deployed to Afghanistan, and something in his voice, the last time they had talked on the phone, still haunted him. Yuri would soon leave for US Air Force pilot training, to move to the front seat of a fighter jet and fulfill a boyhood dream. He was newly married, but had barely seen his bride. He was only 29, and the stress of so many significant life events in so short a period of time was taking its toll.Yuri was relieved to finally just sit and have a drink.

Then his phone rang. It was his mother. His mother never called.“It’s Reese, he’s been hit,” she sobbed. “They don’t know if he’s going to survive.”

Source: One Degree of Separation in the Forever War | Motherboard

If you can read this without tears welling in your eyes, there’s something wrong with you.

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