Just a random thought on Eastern Europe

Putin’s actions in Georgia in 2008, seizure of Crimea, and ongoing campaign in the Donbass region of Ukraine all show an attempt to reinstate the Russian empire.

There was considerable speculation in defense circles that the Baltics, and other eastern European nations, were next on the menu.

But Russia was also compelled to put a major effort into propping up their vassal in Syria. Indeed, they’ve done more than I actually thought they could.

Russian forces are not unlimited. Any incursions into the Baltics would probably be an overreach. They simply don’t have the manpower and budget to start something there right now.

But as critical as Syria is to Russia, it’s more a time sensitive issue. The Baltics might be secure for now. But if you think Putin’s Russia won’t circle back to what he has long considered Russian property, you’re crazy.