5 thoughts on “Good Question, PopMech- Why isn’t the US buying the Brimstone Missile?”

  1. Because the US military is extraordinarily resistant to buying weapons whose only supplier is a foreign company.

  2. Color me confused – we use the Maverick from jets, the Hellfire from helos. Why is the article trying to compare the Brimstone to the Hellfire but talking about weapons used from jets? Whats wrong with the Mavericks we have?

  3. £105,000 ($157,988.56) vs $110,000 per round is why we use Maverick instead of Brimstone. And some AGM-65 are as cheap as $17,000!

    1. Very, very few Mavericks have been used, apparently for ROE reasons. And those that have been used have tended to be Marine laser-Mavericks.

      And the JAGM program is specifically to replace the Maverick. Which is old and getting older.

  4. We used a lot of L-Mavericks to great effect in Ramadi, probably daily for a period of months. Kind of gross when, years later, you are cleaning up digital files and your wife asks what is in the labeled “Torrent” and you’ve forgotten that it is full of post-strike BDA pics taken of the car full of dead AQI. You see it differently with the family years after the fact than you do when it is a daily thing.

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