Can Of Dip Miraculously Lasts Eight Days In The Field

The tobacco lasted for eight days, against all odds. “I still can’t believe it,” platoon mooch Pfc. John Peters said. “That can never ran out. I must’ve bummed a dozen pinches from that chump and I didn’t put a dent in it. Hey, can I grab a Marlboro while we’re talking?”

Source: Can Of Dip Miraculously Lasts Eight Days In The Field

Platoon mooch- ha! Every platoon has at least one.

During my one and only trip to the National  Training Center, I swung by the PX before we entered the box to stock up on smokes. Lo and behold, they had some cheap no-name brand of cigarettes on sale at $2 a carton!* There was a five carton limit, but I was there with my mom and my dad, who happened to be in the area and stopped by for a visit. And they both had valid IDs. So I walked out with 15 cartons of cheap smokes.

How bad is the platoon mooch? Well, we actually only spent 14 days in the box. And I ran out of smokes.

*Cheap smokes and no state sales taxes!

4 thoughts on “Can Of Dip Miraculously Lasts Eight Days In The Field”

  1. Could that particular can of dip be a modern day miracle? Like the Loaves and the Fishes?

    1. Hm. A miracle described in a work of satire, which gets frequently quoted in a serious way by people with no frame of reference to recognize it as complete and utter BS?

      Sounds about right.

    2. Sorry, you can’t open a door like that for me and not expect me to walk right through it. 😀

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