[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LpabGJPCmGg]

Media narrative as soon as they found out the San Bernardino shooters were Muslims.

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  1. Here’s a wee sea story: We were coming down river past that plant on the Craig Foss (ex- U. S. A. LT 648, c. 1945). In the first part of that video, you can see a small cove in the foreground. There was a small barge landing and the intakes for the plant in there. It was also a popular fishing spot and often small pleasure craft would be anchored just inside the mouth. As we came up on the cove that fine summer day, there was a single vessel anchored. A man was fishing from the stern. His “First Mate” was sunning herself on the forecastle.
    Face down.
    Bikini top undone.
    So… we laid on the horn.
    She came up off that deck like it was afire.
    She wouldn’t have needed a life jacket had she gone over the side. Her built in PFD’s were more than adequate. Her husband thought it was hilarious. Her, judging from the obscene gesture from the one hand not being used to try and cover up, didn’t.

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