Dyess allows concealed handgun transport in privately-owned vehicles

12/3/2015 – DYESS AIR FORCE BASE, Texas — Changes to the Dyess Force Protection Plan, signed and approved by Col. David Benson, 7th Bomb Wing commander, now permits authorized personnel that possess a current and valid Texas Concealed Handgun License or a reciprocating state concealed carry license to transport and secure privately-owned handguns in privately-owned vehicles within legal boundaries of Dyess Air Force Base.”While this policy change does not allow concealed carry on base, it does allow those who carry concealed weapons to transport them onto and off the base in their vehicles,” said Col. David Benson, 7th Bomb Wing commander. “This provides a safe and secure way to bring their weapons on base.”Individuals wishing to transport a handgun must also have a valid Department of Defense identification card or Common Access Card and also hold one of the following statues: active duty personnel, Reserve personnel, National Guard personnel, retired military personnel, dependents of active duty personnel or Department of Defense civilians. However, private contractors, visitors or holders of special/one-time passes are not allowed to bring their handguns into the legal boundary of Dyess AFB at any time.Individuals are required to keep their Texas CHL or reciprocating state CCL on their person at all times when in the legal boundaries of Dyess AFB and must surrender it as well as their valid DoD identification card when approached by Security Forces, Office of Special Investigations or local law enforcement. Upon being stopped by SF, OSI or local law enforcement, individuals must immediately identify the presence and exact location of their handgun.

Source: Dyess allows concealed handgun transport in privately-owned vehicles

It’s a step in the right direction. Given the current status of federal law, I’m not sure that COL Benson could go any further.

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  1. When that shooter is in the building with you, you’ll be all kinds of excited that your weapon is locked in the trunk of your car.

  2. Wise man…must not have given himself much of a shot at a star either bless his heart.

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