10 Long Days At Sea: ‘Emotional’ Coast Guard Cutter Homecoming

PORTSMOUTH, N.H. – Medium Endurance Cutter Campbell (WMEC 909) and its crew returned to Portsmouth Naval Shipyard on December 1st following an exhausting and extensive 10-day strategic fisheries patrol, according to a spokesman.Around 200 family members were waiting at the pier for their loved ones to return after what must have seemed like an eternity. Many were holding enormous “Welcome Home!” signs and once alongside, tears streamed and smiles were abound as crew members and families were reunited.

Source: 10 Long Days At Sea: ‘Emotional’ Coast Guard Cutter Homecoming

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  1. I laughed at that. 10 days is not a long stint at sea (30 days at sea would have been) for a medium endurance cutter, but they would have put in for fuel anywhere on the eastern seaboard. The entire patrol would have been longer than 10 days. I went aboard a Buoy tender in ’74 and they would be gone from their home port as much as 90 days and call at exotic foreign ports like Baltimore or Wilmington, NC. Coasties on a fisheries patrol could be gone for 90 days or more. Being a Coastie is not as bad as being Navy on a 6 month deployment, but it’s skittles and beer either.

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