San Bernadino Shooting

By now most of us have seen the news of the horrific events unfolding in San Bernadino, CA.  Up to three shooters, who witnesses say were dressed in body armor and tactical gear and carrying rifles, walked deliberately into a holiday party  and began killing and wounding.

There has been much confusion regarding events, understandably enough.  But police very early on described the shooters as being deliberate, “on a mission”, to use the exact verbiage.

Even as the event unfolded, there were calls for gun control from, among others, President Obama.  He called for measures to be taken to “make Americans safer”, whatever that might mean, but likely can be guessed at.  The CA Lt. Governor demanded additional restrictions on guns, in the already draconian California, claiming the day’s events were evidence of that need.

CNN, for their part, had on a series of “experts” who speculated, among other things, that there was no link whatever to Islamic terrorism or foreign terrorists.  Using exactly what for a basis, I cannot say.  One such analyst openly asked about the shooters being a “militia” attacking a federal facility, like Timothy McVeigh.

While scanning the news channels and internet feeds, I happened by Fox News, and Bill O’Reilly.  Normally not a fan, of either Fox or O’Reilly.  But he had on two counter-terrorism experts, Jim Hanson and Aaron Cohen, both of whom reported that a name had been circulated in relation to one of the suspects across the police channels in the vicinity of the scene.

The FBI Agent in Charge, in a press conference, danced around the idea of terrorism, saying he “isn’t willing to go down that road yet”.   The Sheriff is talking about planning, and other suspects involved.  No names of the suspects, though two are “confirmed” dead, one being a female.   No word as to whether she was a widow.

The name circulated by police and by news outlets?  A name assiduously avoided by the Chief and FBI agent at the press conference.   Though they did manage to mention “assault weapons” at least six times.

Farooq Saeed.

Had his name been Dennis Saunders, I do believe we would have known it already.  Quite some time ago.

All speculation, to be sure.  But we shall see, again, how close it is to events.  God’s mercy on the souls of the deceased, and the wounded, and those who love them.  And God’s mercy on this country of ours.







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  1. I had the misfortune to have to listen to Shepherd Smith report on this incident. I now see why some despise him.

  2. From NBC:
    ” Syed Farook was identified as possibly being connected to the deadly gunfire at the Inland Regional Center, multiple sources from several different agencies tell NBC News.

    Police said a male and a female suspect were killed in a shootout with police after officers chased a sport-utility vehicle being sought after the attack. They were dressed in “assault-style clothing” and were carrying assault-style weapons and handguns, San Bernardino Police Chief Jarrod Burguan said. ”
    Was it the high “thread-Count” or the “Aggressive Pattern” in their clothing that was the problem?
    ISLAM had nothing to do with this!!!11!!

  3. The usual blather from the left “More gun control”.
    He was a government employee, I would think some kind of background check had been passed.
    Exactly what gun law, Mrs Clinton, short of a ban, would have prevented this?

    1. With a little grit on our part, the terrorists are unlikely to ever greatly harm our country, the left is a greater threat to our existence and the Constitution.


    Here’s the quote from the dad that pretty much says it all:

    “Farook, an American citizen, worked for the San Bernardino County Department of Health for the past few years and had a young daughter, his shocked father told the Daily News.

    “I haven’t heard anything,” the elder Syed Farook told The News before his son’s name became public. “He was very religious. He would go to work, come back, go to pray, come back. He’s Muslim.”

    Yeah, I can’t imagine what would motivate him to shoot up a government facility. Since we can’t figure out why he did it, better tighten down on those gun laws. And the laws against pipe bombs and other IEDs, gotta make those much tougher as well. If we only knew what his motivation was….

  5. Any Congress that allows any more of this insanity to proceed must be replaced by any lawful means possible. Do not let your senator and representative have a happy Christmas break. They should be protested until they get the backbone to remove the mulatto jackanapes and his administration who are the instigators of the destruction of our Nation. We will be subjected to a Christmas jihad – mark my words. Unless and until congressmen feel the threat that their constituents do, they will do nothing. They need to be “talked to” when they are home in the district. They are too well insulated in DC.

  6. I saw this on fox at my folks house, recognized the location as nutjobifornia, and immediately thought it must be another passionately self absorbed froot-loop non-muslim ‘merkin. I can’t tell you how relieved I am to find that this is religion of peas inspired terrorism. That makes me a pretty cold-hearted, cynical biotch, eh?

    I suspect that at some point in the near future a lot of Americans are going to face confiscation squads and have to make a decision. I once read that individual European Jews could have nipped the holocaust in the bud by making different decisions when nut-cuttin’ time rolled up on them.

    1. It’s commonly accepted among historians of the Holocaust that it would have made no difference whatsoever if all European Jews had been armed. They base this on the low body count for the Nazis in exterminating the Warsaw Ghetto. I would disagree with their assessment and, if I’d been a Jew facing the Nazis, would have preferred to be armed and die behind my gun instead of from starvation or gas.

  7. They still can’t make up their minds if the guns were legally purchased, or not. I’ve seen both in recent articles. Either way the progs aren’t letting a crisis go to waste. Again.

    Given that it’s been reported they also made black powder pipe bombs, perhaps we should recall those Boston psychos who murdered quite a few people without any guns.

    Are they going to outlaw simple chemicals like saltpeter and sulfur next? Or fertilizer?

    1. No. Just guns. The ones that stand as the last redress of a free people against tyranny of government.

    2. I also hear suggestions to raise the price of ammunition or limit sales. Of course, since making your own ammunition isn’t rocket science, that won’t actually work, it will just make another thing illegal.

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