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The holiday season is upon us, and most of us are going to be buying gifts for coworkers, friends and family members.*

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As for privacy, I do see what people order, but not who.  I mean, yeah, I know the wine glasses were bought by Aggiesprite, and the tools and industrial stuff by another Friend of the Blog, but I have no idea who bought the Trijicon sight. But I hope you enjoy it.


*Not me, I’m a cheapskate

**Well, me. Though I use some of the proceeds to buy the annual Christmas gift for the C0-Bloggers

2 thoughts on “Use the Amazon Search Button–>”

  1. Screwing around with OPSEC is one of those things where you have to decide if your careeer is worth it. Sounds like this marine made the right decision.

    Very few people realize how ONE “wrong” move will destroy an otherwise promising career in the military except vets. If he made the right move, I applaud him. If he made the wrong move for the right reasons, I STILL applaud him.

    Just because Hillary doesn’t have to pay attention to the rules doesn’t mean the rest of us can follow suit. She should be in prison, not running for office. Welcome to the cynical world of a military career. Thankfully not all of us are Courtney Massingale.

  2. Thanks for the Bracken tip! Free is good. My Amazon bookmark is BTH. Like do my bit for the cause. Thanks also for turning me on to Ric Locke, may he rest in peace.

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