The RFH Crap Tree is up!

There is a tradition here of reading Dave in Texas’s classic Crap Tree post or usually the Innocent Bystanders re-post. (Miss you, Michael.)
The house renovations that were supposed to be done before Thanksgiving are still weeks away from being finished. I’m praying for clearer weather, but in the meantime, I have to keep furniture in temporary spots, and this in turn means the older, smaller tree in a new spot. It still means a crap tree with colored lights, ornaments handmade by the kids, ornaments from 27 years of marriage, and ornaments handed down from my mom’s collection. The four of us were grateful to be together for Thanksgiving, and I was happy to have everyone decorating together.
DSCN1107 (619x1280)
‘Tis the season.

9 thoughts on “The RFH Crap Tree is up!”

  1. I think it looks beautiful. Still too engorged from our Thanksgiving dinners – had the second one last night – to start on Christmas decorations yet. Your industriousness is noted, but not quite motivating enough to overcome my food lethargy. 🙂

    1. Different location. Half my daughter’s stuff is in the library, plus the contractor broke a window, so we have to keep the area around that clear. At least we realized the 9′ tree wasn’t going to fit before we got very far.

  2. Just getting set up ourselves. Time for the Godzilla compilation post, featuring Godzilla ornaments from 2006 – 2015.

    Nothing says “Christmas” quite like a stable of Godzillas.

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