Happy Thanksgiving

I was fortunate that I was never actually deployed during Thanksgiving. The closest I came to that was spending Thanksgiving at Graf during gunnery. 

In most units, it’s traditional for the battalion and brigade combat team leadership to head to the Dining Facility for the noon meal, which is when they serve the big turkey dinner. Seeing the colonels serving turkey in their dress blues is a bit odd, but hey, tradition. And by serving at the noon meal, they get to go home and have a traditional meal with their families.

And almost universally, they do a very good job of putting out a traditional menu- bird, dressing, gravy, cranberry, and a host of other well known dishes.

As a single troop, it was also quite common for one of my married coworkers to invite me to their home to enjoy another vast meal, a few beers, and football on the television. After all, we take care of our own.

And if you’re deployed, the Army will go to great lengths to make sure you get a real meal.


On behalf of all of us here at XBradTC.com, Best Wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving.

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  1. Just served dinner yesterday in the JMRC DFAC, then drove home, jumped in the car and drove 6 hours to Slovenia. (We do Thanksgiving meal on Wednesday so that we can all get the four day weekend.) Happy Thanksgiving from Bled, Slovenia!

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