4 thoughts on “Load HEAT- Krysten Ritter”

  1. … and your winning streak is extended yet again.

    I haven’t watched Jessica Jones yet, but I definitely plan to. A good friend of mine saw it, and according to her it’s absolutely the best thing ever put on television. Incredibly difficult to watch, but at the same time so compelling that it’s even more difficult to *stop* watching.

  2. I don’t normally like superhero stuff too much but I do like her so I gave it a shot. On the 3rd episode now and it’s pretty damn good.

  3. That blue skirt with the matching corset is odd looking.The corset makes the point of the skirt where the corset meets it flare out a little bit, so the photo looks like they did a poor job of alignment when they glued the top and bottom half of her together.

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