World of Warships

Oops. I accidentally took my Atlanta class cruiser into a Co-op Battle (where you fight AI instead of PVP). AI in WoW is not bad, but it’s still easier than PVP.

The Atlanta light cruiser mounted 16 5”/38 guns in eight twin gunhouses. Each tube has a rate of fire of about 15 rounds per minute. That means you can pump out a rather astonishing number of rounds. The only drawback is, the guns have a pretty short range, and not a lot of killing power. On the other hand, when you get a Kongo class battleship in range and he’s busying shooting at someone else, you can put some serious damage on him.


8 thoughts on “World of Warships”

  1. Yeah I’m liking my German cruisers (Konigsberg and Nurnberg) for much the same reason. It rains shells from about the same ranges as the BBs. And fast.

  2. SteveStevenson. Also, to increase your Atlanta lethality, get the level 4 captain perk that increases range of all guns under 155mm by 20%. It also increases AA range, so the Atlanta is even more of an AA monster.

  3. My son always referred to World of Warcraft as WoW. Not being into gaming, I thought that’s what you meant in an earlier post and the reason for the bogus “I think my son killed you once.” No time for gaming for quite awhile. I used to play Panzer Blitz (Avalon Hill) years ago and World War (SPI). I gave Sinai (SPI) to my youngest brother.

    We used to play Panzer Blitz to “Roads to Moscow.”

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