Russian Bombers Making A Point

We’ve posted recently about the Russian’s using their Tu-160 Blackjack bombers to attack targets in Syria. Now comes this bit:


Why fly all the way around Europe? Because they can. It is a not at all subtle way of reminding every country in Europe that they are in range of Russian striking power.

5 thoughts on “Russian Bombers Making A Point”

  1. Notice how they are flying not only over Iran but also Iraq?

    Meaning that presumably the Government of Iraq is OK with that… and that we are, too, to the extent we still have any influence over Iraq.

    1. Also, the idea that the Russians “usually” strike Syria from the Kola Peninsula is inane. My guess would be that they use Engels AB near Saratov.

  2. Well, they can and they did.
    If they killed ISIS I am good with that and the Euro’s can go suck it.

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