LOL- Sea Wars

USS Eisenhower’s PR team has released a funny spoof of the Star Wars- The Force Awakens trailer.



7 thoughts on “LOL- Sea Wars”

    1. Never mind being lost to *this*, you poor bastards that don’t watch Star Wars are just … lost. Period. End of story.

    2. Oh, I’ve got plenty of Asimov and Heinlein on my shelves too, but … some good solid Space Opera is always a lot of fun. I mean, so long as you don’t take it – or yourself – too seriously.

    3. LT Rusty:

      This: “you poor bastards that”, is what got my dander up. That you enjoy that sort of entertainment doesn’t bother me; not what I like, but so what. If everyone liked the same things, think how boring life would be.


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