Darkness in the City of Light


The grim counts continue this morning from the ghastly bloodbath in Paris yesterday.  More than 120 killed, and likely more than 200 wounded, about 80 seriously, as reported by multiple sources.  An attack perpetrated by members of the Religion of Peace once again.  A carefully coordinated effort, with killings in at least seven places.  It has been reported that a Syrian passport has been found on the body of one of the terrorists.

While driving north last evening, I was listening to the reports regarding the attacks from CBS News on WBZ radio, and heard our President’s embarrassingly inane remarks.  He talked about the “outrageous attempts to terrorize innocent civilians”, and “terrorize the people of France”, and “universal values”.  Not once did Barack Hussein Obama say the words “ISIS” or “Islam”.  Even though he knew both of those words should have been in every sentence spoken.

Yesterday, President Hollande in France immediately declared a national State of Emergency, and closed the French borders.  But it is too late.  The subway attacks, the massacre in Toulouse, and the Charlie Hebdo shootings have already happened, yet after each, more muslim terrorists were allowed into France.  The socialist Left of Europe, and its imbecilic genuflecting at the altar of “multi-culturalism”, has let the wolves into the herd of sheep.

What happened in France will happen here.  It already has, actually, and continues to.  Fort Hood.  Chattanooga, Austin TX.  Boston. The perpetrator of the stabbings last week at UC-Merced, Faisal Muhammed, left a manifesto of muslim extremism that included desires to behead victims, and praise to Allah.  (Another “unclear motive”, courtesy of our Federal law enforcement friends!)

Some things we don’t know yet about the tragedy in Paris, but will very likely eventually find out:

  • The number of terrorists directly involved in the Paris attacks will be well under 30.
  • A number of them will be recent arrivals from the Middle East, active and trained agents of terrorism from ISIS (and possibly Al Qaeda) sent as “refugees” for the purposes of carrying out such attacks.
  • The terrorists planned and prepared for these attacks in near-complete security nestled inside heavily muslim neighborhoods across France, if not in and around Paris itself.
  • The terrorists used communications methods that defied electronic and visual surveillance, and carried out what can only be described as professional reconnaissance of their targets, likely in plain sight, over a period of months.
  • French security forces were prevented at some junctures from investigating or acting against one or more of the terrorists by politically correct rules in place to keep from offending the muslims.
  • None of the victims were armed, because of France’s extremely strict gun laws.  Yet, the terrorists had easy access to fully-automatic AK-47s, ammunition, and explosives.  The entirety of France is a “gun-free zone”, and the results were predictable.

Military-age muslim men continue to overrun Europe with the stated intent of the destruction of Western civilization.  They have no intention of assimilation, only conquest and conversion.  The memes of the liberal global media, that these are “refugees”, helpless women and children, continue to be perpetuated to an ignorant and brainwashed populace.   Our President has been vocal and active to allow them here, as well.  He wants 10,000 Syrian “refugees” allowed into our country.  The first have already arrived on US soil.

Here’s an idea.  That first load, which consists of almost exclusively military-age males, should be kept in a holding camp near New Orleans.  Michelle Obama, Sasha, and Malia should be made to stay with them inside the camp, sans any Secret Service protection.  Because if he is unwilling to risk their lives and safety with these filthy animals, why should he be willing to risk ours?


He won’t risk them, of course.  He will only risk us.  His hackneyed fabrication that there is no one religion responsible for terrorism tells us all we need to know about Barack Hussein Obama.  France and islam are mortal enemies in a war for the soul of the West.  Despite his pathetic platitudes about “universal values” and, now, standing with France, Barack Obama stands with islam.  He has told us so, with his words, and with every action he has taken in his time in office.  American and islam are also mortal enemies in the war for the soul of the West.

Paris, the City of Light, is dark tonight.  In time, it will be an American city that will be shrouded in blood and tears, and darkness.   Perpetrated by the people whom our President stands with.  The same President who called ISIS the “junior varsity”, and as recently as yesterday, told us ISIS was “contained”.  This is the same President who wants us forcibly disarmed, for our own safety.

18 thoughts on “Darkness in the City of Light”

  1. Question to our President….exactly what kind of terrorists perpetrated this attack? Was it Environmental Terrorists? Was it Animal rights terrorists? Was it politically motivated terrorists?

  2. NOW can we get serious about controlling immigration? We can’t say we were not warned. Again. I predict a bump in the polls for Donald Trump.

  3. Bravo, XBradTC. I like the holding cell idea.

    Here’s my take:

    ISIS wants to widen the war. A serious nation, protecting the citizens, would want to reduce the risk of attack.

    If we are serious, then several items come to mind.

    Action Items:

    1) Have the FBI arrest all 1,100 ISIS linked individuals. Interrogate them. Use available metadata in State and Federal databases to break up their networks. Note: this is at least the third terrorist attack where the attacker was known and followed by security forces. Return to country of origin or a local holding cell.

    2) Stop immigration of all Muslims, with the top priority to stopping male and female Palestinians, male Syrians, and Libyans. There are a lot of revenge-seeking individuals out there. What do they add to the nation? We have visas for those that can add to national wealth.

    3) If steps 1 and 2 are too hard, issue CC permits to all veterans. Because we are on our own. Mumbai-type attacks can be defeated with an armed citizenry.

    4) If steps 1-3 are too hard, we need to replace the leadership in Washington. The sooner the better, because we as citizens are taxed without protection and being left to die.

  4. Whoa, danger, Will Robinson. May be nuance is not a strong suit with our fellow citizens. FYI Islamic Extremism is to Islam, as the KKK is to Christianity. It just happens that the murderous thugs of ISIS happened to have captured some serious weaponry in a neighbourhood that’s falling apart. How to stop them ? Who the hell knows ? Deploying flying AI to kill the SOB’s might be a start. You know, consider. Vigilance is everything, but the poor bastards trying to escape this dystopia might deserve a restart in life. Ever wonder how come you have access to a decent Chinese takeaway ?

    1. The beliefs of the terrorists are very much mainstream in the MidEast. Decades of Wahhabbist teachings in the madrassas have set those beliefs in stone. This is a war against the West, whether you and the Left like it or not.

      Since the refugees seem to be, to a large extent, young, military age males, rather than the women and children that make up the majority of real refugees, I think we can discount thier claims of being oppressed, as I submit that they are coming to the West to do some oppressing themselves.

    2. Nonsense. There is nothing Christian about the KKK, nor do they claim to be a religion. The Germans had “Gott mit uns” on their belt buckles but that didn’t make them a religion, either.

    3. “Why don’t you bring them to your house and sort them out?”

      Sounds like they’re on their way to yours already as*hole. Jesus. OMG, surely we’re better than this. Law enforcement will be watching their every move. You know how we became this country, right ? WTF happened to us since ?

      Give me your tired, your poor,
      Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
      The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
      Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed, to me:
      I lift my lamp beside the golden door.”

    4. How many military age German men did we let into this country as “refugees” in 1941-45? This is war, sonny. Whether your pinko bleeding heart thinks so or not. The Statue of Liberty welcomed those “tempest-tossed” to Ellis Island. Where they became legal immigrants. They didn’t stream, unvetted, into our cities and towns across unsecured borders.

      Get your head out of your ass. Or at least stop demanding other people put their heads in their own.

    5. There is a difference between “yearning to breathe free” and yearning to impose sharia and a caliphate.

  5. This is a war, but the problem is what needs to be done to stop the enemy

    For this is a war of EXTERMINATION. I know that would send most progs screaming for their fainting couches, but…. tough shit
    This wont be for the timid. Sooner or later, it will have to come down to it

    Oh and Boingo? The enemy gets to vote whether you at war with him or not. Your asslifting BS means nothing , or less than nothing.

  6. United Nations’ data on the intended US intake show women outnumber men, and children 11 years old and younger, male and female, account for 38.5 percent.

    1. To be more to the point – you are citing United Nations MADE UP data. Just as MADE UP as the data on global warming (oh pardon me – climate change, more descriptive because…). Have you figured out how many Islamic terrorists you will take into your home yet – per URR’s suggestion; or are you just going to waste your time trolling this site?

  7. “you are citing United Nations MADE UP data”.

    So now we move into the delusional and the surreal. Discourse has stopped and that’s when the Republic dies. I’m not trolling anything. It’s called the truth and it’s not subjective. Your source of information is .. well, wrong

    1. The Republic dies when imbeciles let in people who vow its destruction, and enter the rest of us into a suicide pact. Go to Hungary. Ask them the percentages. Ditto Austria. Greece.

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