India orders Greenpeace to shut down over fraud | Reuters

India has canceled Greenpeace International’s license to operate and gave the group 30 days to close down, citing financial fraud and falsification of data, the environment watchdog said on Friday.Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government has turned the spotlight on foreign charities since he took office last year, accusing some of trying to hamper projects on social and environmental grounds.Last year, Modi government withdrew permission to Greenpeace to receive foreign funding, saying the money was used to block industrial projects.

Source: India orders Greenpeace to shut down over fraud | Reuters

40% of India’s population is still living in the Bronze Age, and dammit, Greenpeace thinks that shouldn’t change!

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  1. Every one of us that has not crashed an aircraft, not had a collision at sea, not run aground (especially in a fleet auxiliary like a Cimarron-class oiler), not spilled a blivet of fuel; has done more than Greenpeace has done in it’s entire history to protect the environment.

  2. Hell, he should levy fines. Let’s see how much dough Greenpeace can come up with to get some of their “stuff” back.

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