AH-1Z Viper

An AH-1Z Viper gunship performing CAS as a part of the Marine Corps Weapons and Tactics Instructor course.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NCoI4-IxH5U]

That little pop up maneuver is interesting. I’m sure it works for them, but I’ve never seen US Army gunships use it.

While I think the Marines took a wrong turn in developing the Viper, vice a variant of the Apache, I have to admit, since I like my aircraft a little on the ugly/bumpy side, it’s one imposing looking bird.

2 thoughts on “AH-1Z Viper”

  1. As a UH-1C/M gunpilot in RVN we occasionally would use a “pop-up” maneuver vs .51cal/12.7mm anti-aircraft batteries. A lot of the tactics developed/improved during that era were lost to big army during the Cold War training (hover OGE and fire) to fight Soviet armor at the Fulda Gap. Those lessons had to be relearned, at some great expense, during COIN ops by Army Aviation in Afghanistan. regards, Alemaster

  2. I recall reading about why the development of the Cobra vs Apache. I think it was mostly about Money. USMC has held onto the Huey and there are a lot parts common to both AC. Saving of room shipboard and the cost savings from parts commonality were big considerations if memory serves.

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