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Congrats to Jason (not Spill, another guy) for the correct answer, the  YPR-765. The YPR-765 is a variant of the  Advanced Infantry Fighting Vehicle based on the US M113. Skaterdad was mighty close with the FNSS ACV-15 guess, as they’re virtually the same vehicle.

Name That Armor

The M113 was replaced in the mechanized Infantry battalions of the US Army by the M2 Bradley. But the Bradley is frightfully expensive, and most other armies couldn’t afford them. And so, FMC, the manufacturer of the M113 developed the AICV. It was quite a successful program. Between the YPR-765, the Turkish ACV variant and a host of other variants differing in only minor details, several thousand have been built, and serve in Europe, the Middle East, South America, and Asia.

A tip o’ the hat to Esli, who kinda sorta stumped me when he sent me this, because I didn’t realize we were playing Name That Armor.

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  1. The Dutch, Australians, as well as some Asian Rim countries had some unique appliqués to the venerable 113 chassis. Now as the one pictured here goes…it seems to be so Jamaican mon.

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