Finally, after 35 years of service, the M1 is getting an under-armor APU


4 thoughts on “Finally, after 35 years of service, the M1 is getting an under-armor APU”

  1. FINALLY! Waited an entire career for it, so 7 years into retirement is just perfect timing…..

  2. I’m drawing a couple of blanks, here, but there was a design to put the under-armor APU into the hull previously. Something caused a reduction in fuel capacity because something went into the left rear of the hull, where this guy showed the APU. The old ones that we had in the bustle rack were only so-so, anyway. Not convinced of the need to have an APU because the battery set up on the A2s tends to give much greater battery life, as long as you do your part to keep them charged.

    On a more important note, and somewhat disappointing, is if that CROW in the video is the new low-profile one. If so, it is not low-profile and will be roundly hated just like the current CROW system is. Much as I like CROW as a system, it cannot be kept in front of the TC, where he cannot see or fight the vehicle.

  3. Sh*t, the APU was a dream when I retired in ’95. (had an M1A1 heavy common), would have been nice to have with the M60A3.

    1. Our APUs in the bustle rack were NMC half the time, nobody knew how to fix them, and they took up about 40% of the storage in the bustle rack. Pain in the neck. They were installed about in mid-1995.

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