Commandant approves M4 as standard weapon for Marine infantry

MARINE CORPS BASE QUANTICO, Va. — It’s official — the M4 carbine has replaced the M16A4 as the universal rifle of Marine Corps infantry.Commandant Gen. Robert Neller has signed off on the switch making the M4 the primary weapon for all infantry battalions, security forces and supporting schools no later than the end of September 2016, according to an internal memo released by Lt. Gen. Ronald Bailey, deputy commandant for Plans, Policies and Operations via the Automated Message Handling System.The recommendation was first made over the summer to then-commandant Gen. Joseph Dunford, and its final approval was one of Neller’s first orders of business after succeeding Dunford Sep. 24, according to Marine Corps officials.

Source: Commandant approves M4 as standard weapon for Marine infantry

Apparently, if you design a round to perform well in the M4, the M4 performs well. Who knew?

3 thoughts on “Commandant approves M4 as standard weapon for Marine infantry”

  1. This is a shame. Does rifle qual change now, or can you actually hit something at 500m with an M4?

    Losing the SAW and now long rifles will bite the Corps in the ass down the line….

  2. I have a SCAR in 7.62mm and it’s a great weapon, I bought it after getting back from a deployment in 2010 and listening to the NAVSPECWAR guys praise it. It would be perfect for Marine Corps operations. But the Army and Marines will probably keep using the M4 for the next 30 years, god forbid we get innovative with small arms design….

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