Paras win 15-year battle to reinstate Pegasus emblem – Telegraph

The Parachute Regiment has won a 15-year-long battle to reinstate its famous wartime Pegasus emblem, after it was controversially axed in a defence shake-up.The badge had been regarded as the trademark of Britain’s airborne forces and was approved by Winston Churchill, but was retired in 1999 against stiff opposition from retired officers and politicians who argued it was part of the Paras regimental history.

Source: Paras win 15-year battle to reinstate Pegasus emblem – Telegraph

Finally. I remember when they removed it.

Part of the argument was that Pegasus wasn’t inclusive enough, since the Air Assault brigade was more a helicopter landing force than an actual airborne organization.

But of course, that ignores the history of the Pegasus patch in the first place. The Pegasus bridge force that came to epitomize the elan and valor of the British airborne forces was, in fact, not an airborne formation, but a glider force.

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  1. If the symbol had gay connotations (use your imagination here), they would have probably left it alone. Maybe that’s why they brought it back!

  2. “‘Keep your hands off the regiment, ye iconoclastic civilian officials who meddle and muddle in Army matters’ thundered Wolseley.”(Byron Farwell, Queen Victoria’s Little Wars, 1972) seemed appropriate here.

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