American killed as U.S., Iraqi commandos free dozens of ISIL hostages

A U.S. servicemember died after a commando raid Thursday freed about 70 hostages believed to face imminent execution by Islamic State fighters in northern Iraq, the Pentagon said.The soldier’s death marked the first American combat death in Iraq in four years and raises the issue of deepening U.S. involvement on the ground there, something President Obama and the Pentagon have routinely ruled out.Pentagon press secretary Peter Cook insisted that U.S. participation in the firefight did not indicate a shift in U.S. policy, calling the circumstances leading to the raid unique. “U.S. forces are not in an active combat mission in Iraq,” he said.

Source: American killed as U.S., Iraqi commandos free dozens of ISIL hostages

A successful raid, but since an American serviceman was killed, President Obama has already distanced himself from it, saying it was SecDef Carter that authorized the mission. You and I both know had there not been a US casualty, Obama would have been trumpeting this success.

It is, of course, a calamity for the family and friends of this fallen warrior. But I do hope they can take pride in the fact that he fell saving the lives of others. Rest in peace, Soldier, secure in the knowledge that you have done your duty.

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  1. After the carnage of the trenches in WW1 it was common to refer to the infantry as “Lions commanded by Asses.”. Oh for those good old days. Now we have Lions commanded by Vipers.

  2. Lions protecting lemmings.

    Notice how the “news” media can’t just give the news. They have to make it an “issue” and tell you what you’re supposed to think about it. How many Americans have the intellectual discipline to recognize and analyze propaganda? 1:100? 1:1,000?

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