Four ways you can support the blog.

I do appreciate you, dear reader.  And I hope you appreciate me. Here’s a couple of easy ways you can support the blog.

1. First and foremost, please, comment. Ask questions, share your thoughts and experiences. Very often, those comments and emails from you inspire more content, making my life easier.

2. Donations via Paypal are especially welcome.

3. Doing your Amazon shopping via the link in the right sidebar is a fantastic way to help me. As an Amazon affiliate, I receive a percentage of your purchase price, at absolutely no extra cost to you.


4. Please, please, please, turn off any adblocker software for this site. I think the advertising here is quite unobtrusive, and doesn’t really detract from the reader experience. And advertising revenues are based on the number of reader impressions. And if you use an adblocker, those impressions plummet, causing my revenue to plummet.

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