I Was Wrong About NBC News, I Admit It

I didn’t think NBC News could be any more ignorant or more obtuse.  But, I was wrong.  Apparently, I misunderestimated the ingenuity of fools (with access to the news room).  What is the on-line feature article from NBC.com this morning?

israel arms

Israel announced a relaxation of the nation’s gun laws on Wednesday, widening civilian access to weapons permits. Teachers in Jerusalem’s Jewish orthodox community, for example, could be eligible for a special permit to possess a weapon under the new rules.

Some concerned civilians visited the Mitvach Adumim gun range in Ma’ale Adumim — a Jewish settlement outside Jerusalem — where manager Gabi Efrat-Begin said business was “very good.”

Their unintended irony cup runneth over.  Their cup of stupidity, too.  There is so much of both there, it is difficult to know where to begin.  I spose I will start with the irony.  Israelis believe in the right to self-protection, always have.  So the image, and the video that accompanies it, shows Israelis practicing at a pistol range, with privately owned handguns.  NBC News has been a virtual mouthpiece for the gun-grabbing far-Left in this country, featuring time and again articles calling for restriction of private firearms ownership, repeal of the Second Amendment, and the drumbeat propaganda of Obama and his cronies that guns somehow don’t make us safer.  (While surrounded by taxpayer-funded armed security, of course.)  Yet, how are the Israelis countering the threats to themselves and their families/communities?  By making sure they are armed, and proficient with those arms.   Even to the point of arming teachers to defend themselves and students in the classroom.  Hmmmm.

The notion, spelled out in the headline, that Israel is suffering a “string of lone wolf stabbings” is even more senseless than usual.  String of lone wolf stabbings?  As if they are not somehow connected?  That would be like calling 9/11 a “string of lone wolf hijackings”.   Or a informing us that a man yelling “Allahu Akbar!” while shooting 45 people at Fort Hood somehow had “unclear motives”.   (Yes, it was the FBI that gave us that gem, but NBC and CNN parroted such nonsense unquestioningly.)  The efforts by the mainstream media to assiduously avoid actually labeling Islamist terrorism as either terrorism or Islamist, leads to such stupidity.  And again, it reflects the lock-step “religion of peace” fable we are fed by the White House and fellow travelers after each and every ghastly incident.

The irony, unintended as it may be, won’t pass unnoticed.  Nor will the stupidity.  Except, possibly, by NBC News.

 Oh, and Happy Birthday to MissileChick!

2 thoughts on “I Was Wrong About NBC News, I Admit It”

  1. Mythbusters. Never bring a gun to a knife fight (at least one which begins closer than 18ft). Multiply that by ten because these assholes will rapidly stop being ‘lone wolves’ when they see how easy it is to ‘Eyes-on-X, Y-Z Attack!’

    The Jews had better learn the three Stupids. Place/Time, Predictable Purpose, Lack Of Friends.

    Just like Good Cops never die alone, the ‘Chosen’ will have to walk about in groups or they will be cut from the herd and picked off, one by one, have their pistols taken from their corpses and arm Intifada III with easily concealed handguns.


    That said, the Israelis real problem is demographic. The Penguins are useless. The Sephardim a gullible moderate that swings whichever way seems to offer a solidarity of empathy with a majority Knesset faction. And the Ashkenazim a shrinking majority-minority (with the same late to birth, lib-fem problems we have).centrist population who have the will to power but an increasingly hard time selling the hardline as salvation because the World At Large is giving them a healthy dose of the same multicult ‘can’t we all just get along’ as they are themselves selling in Europe and America.

    Which leaves the Outliers, 30-40% (Jewish population figures are a state secret) and by far the majority of the blue collar labor force, the dish washers and ditch diggers who ‘think with their hands’…as Palestinian Arabs.

    Like that’s not a disaster waiting to happen.

    The Israelis can’t do without them. They can’t beat, in the long run, their TFR 5-6 Fertility. Not with Apartheid X10 Jewish Privilege as Constitution amendments creating a permanent non-voting underclass. Not even with Genocidal Warsaw Ghetto tactics (pen’em, bomb’em, starve’em, send in the SS…errr, Shin Bet).

    If you still want to stick it in a Jew in the face of being raped, tortured and having your family (mothers as old as their 60s, siblings under 10) locked up with you; always with the notional possibility that you might just ‘disappear’ _for throwing rocks at tanks_, there is not much that can be done to change your mind.

    And Shin Bet tries, hard.

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